Friday, June 3, 2022

Fin + Lime

Fin + Lime, a new concept in ceviche and Mexican seafood, has recently opened in Mission Valley. From the people who brought you Grater Grilled Cheese and Grater Greens comes a build your own ceviche and hot bar. 

Choose from a series of ingredients on the cold menu to build a perfect plate of ceviche with custom protein, vegetables, sauces, and crunch. Choose from a tostada or flavored Tostitos chips. The ceviches make a perfect light meal or appetizer for a table. 
The menu also has a hot option, if cold fish isn't your taste. There is an option of a bowl, burrito, or taco platter. Again, the method is to choose your style, protein, and toppings to build your own custom meal. 

Pictured is a shrimp rice bowl with black beans, avocado, and cabbage. The creamy cilantro lime sauce was the perfect accompaniment, and the dish was the perfect filling main course. A great option for those looking for all of the flavor but cutting the carbs. 

Besides the build-your-own options, customers also have the choice of a fish n chips, calamari, or fried shrimp platter, all served with a side of homemade chips. The fried fish is so tasty, and some of the best fish n chips I've eaten in a while. The homemade chips are a favorite and perfect without being overly heavy. 
Another item from the hot bar options is the gobernador-style tacos, with crispy fried shells, shrimp, and poblano peppers. So delicious, and a perfect indulgent meal with rice and beans. 

Fin + Lime is open daily Monday - Saturday for lunch and dinner in Mission Valley.

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