Thursday, May 26, 2022

CRAZY Tuesdays at Mongolian Hot Pot

This summer, through September, Mongolian Hot Pot is hosting Crazy Tuesdays with all you can eat hot pot (shabu shabu) for one price. 

The menu includes high quality meats, including beef and seafood, as well as a variety of vegetables, noodles, and sauces. The hot pot is the choice of the regular, spicy, or the yin yang to have half of each (get the yin yang). Both broths are delicious and add so much flavor to the items. 

The broths were soon brought to the table, which is fitted with a burner much like a fondue burner. In fact, it's basically just a different kind of fondue, but healthier and with a lot more flavor.

We started off with some of the wagyu beef and regular beef, as well as broccoli, fish, udon noodles, and egg ramen noodles. 

The variety is vast, and everything is brought out fresh, with three items allowed per person at once. This may seem strict for all you can eat, but servers are happy to bring more. Bringing out smaller amounts helps to keep the products fresh and tasty. 

Once the stew starts brewing, dump in the ingredients and get ready to enjoy. Everything cooks rather quickly due to the hot temperature. 

More and more meats and items were brought to the table. Remember, it's all you can eat, so there's no excuse for leaving hungry!

My favorite meat is the fish in the spicy broth. It really absorbs the flavors and is just delicious. I love the mushrooms and broccoli as well. However, whatever your choice, it is going to be fresh and amazing. 

As well as the hot pot, appetizers are available as side orders. Pictured are the pot stickers, which are delightful, but there are also grilled meat skewers and Mongolian beef pie.

To wash down all of that delicious, spicy food, the watermelon juice is a refreshing option. Served as a carafe, it is quite popular for good reason. Nice and cold, and it will be the ultimate antidote to hot summer temperatures. 

Mongolian Hot Pot is open daily for lunch and dinner. 

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